Best Tent for Burning Man [Unbiased Review 2021]

For those who have already attended Burning Man, would know what it is about and how having the best tent for Burning Man can make their survival easier. Many people consider it as a festival that is held annually, but true Burning Man enthusiasts know it is not merely a festival, but an entire community. More than 70,000 people come together from various parts of the world to the deserts of Nevada to test their survival instincts and have the time of their lives by dressing up in wild, fascinating costumers, art installations, musical installations and loads of partying.

Burning Man is based on 10 principle guidelines which are meant to reflect as the community’s ethos and culture. Some of those principles include Gifting which evokes the act of giving, gifts are considered valuable no matter how small. Decommodification, means no exchange of money, corporate sponsorships, or anything to do with monetary benefits. Radical self-reliance and expression are the two other principles that allow people to discover their own potential and rely on themselves along with self-expression which arises from the gifts given or received without any further expectation.

While this community is built to teach responsibilities for welfare and communicating civic responsibility, it means the members have to come prepared with food, clothes, supplies, and anything they think they might night. One of the basic needs is shelter, having to carry your own tent is important. Read further to learn about the best cheap tent for Burning Man that you can buy.

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Learn About the Use of Best Tent for Burning Man

As Burning Man is a 9-day gathering where you are responsible for all the things you need, it also includes having your own shelter. Having a tent that can survive through the required duration is highly important. You must keep your requirements in consideration when choosing a tent. There are uncountable brands that design tents each which different specifications and price range. However, not all tents are suitable for Burning Man as it is a form of communal surviving and you may have to share your tent with your friends if you like.

There are various kinds of tents, also called Playas, that you may come across when looking to buy one specifically for Burning Man. These tents include ShiftPods, Multi-dome style, Canvas, Hexayurts, Cabin, Mountaineering and many more. In our opinion, the best tent for Burning Man is the one suitable for oneself and fulfills all your requirements in terms of width, height, portioning and material. Of course, there are some key points that you should consider before deciding upon a tent. Having sufficient information about the specifications can help you decide wisely.

Before you choose a tent, acknowledge the type of camper you are. Here are a few types of tent that can guide you better.

Backpacking Tent

If you are a camper who likes smaller and easy-to-set-up tents with less weight than you can go for a Backpacking tent which is versatile in design and as suggested by its name its main purpose is for those who like adventurous camping. While there are several types of backpacking tents that deem fit, the best tent for burning man could be a double-wall style.

Hammock Tent

For those who want a place to have a great sleep and a comfortable experience with tents, Hammock tents are recommended. They are considered more enjoyable and easier to set up and take down. It is different from those typical tents. Allowing you to fit in helpful accessories in the limited space offered. You do not need a sleeping bag with this tent as it is already comfortable enough, a throw or quilt would be enough.

Bivy Tent

Originally known as a bivouac sack, this tent is a customized waterproof shelter that can be suitable for climbers or Burning Man member as it can be used for multi-day excursion and its extremely lightweight to carry. It is considered as on of the best tents for Burning Man as it can be used for minimalist campers and that what Burning Man is all about.

Dome-Style Tent

As suggested by the name, this is a dome shaped tent and has been in use for a long time now as the dimensions of it are sufficient to fit in more than just a few people depending on how big a tent you are buying. Some family size dome tents are huge enough for you to be able to walk in them. They have superior strengths and great wind-shedding capability which can withstand a storm any day.

Best Tent for Burning Man: Reviews for Top 5 Choices

Now that we have discussed the types of tent that can be suitable for you. Let us move on and discuss the Top 5 choices for best tent for Burning Man to help you find the one that is not only pocket-friendly but also serves you through out.

Coleman Cabin Tent

An easy-to-set up tent which makes it one best tent for Burning Man with its spacious interior and enough room for queen-sized airbed which allows you to camp in style. It is packed with a WeatherTec system, welded floors and inverted seams and will help you stay dry during thunderstorms while also keeping you safe from the sun. It is equipped with the dark room technology which allows you to sleep in even during daytime.

Coleman Cabin Tent can accommodate up to 4 people at a time and is easily set up within a minute. It is built to last as it is made of double-thick fabric stands. The dimensions are 8 x 7 ft with 4 ft 11” center height, which makes it big enough to store your stuff in and weighs merely 18-Lbs, so it is easy to carry as well. In addition, Coleman offers a 1-year limited warranty, in case of anything going wrong with the tent you can take it back for fixation. It retails for a price of $139.79 which makes it pocket-friendly and considering the features it offers, it can surely pass as the best tent for Burning Man.

  • WeatherTec System Used.

  • Fast Pitching Tent.
  • Dome with a Screen Room.

  • Stakes Are Not of High-Quality.

  • Bulky When Packed.

Coleman SunDome Tent

Another one of Coleman’s manufactured tents is the SunDome that is good for 4 people to fit in comfortably. It is equipped with large windows and ground vent which helps in easy ventilation inside the tent. If you are considering buying the best cheap tent for Burning Man, then this is a must consideration as it is great for warm weather. It takes merely 10 minutes to set up because of continuous pole sleeves.

Like the Coleman’s Cabin tent, this one is also equipped with WeatherTec which helps you stay safe against the rains or the blazing sun. It has a welded floor and inverted seams which keeps the dust and rainwater out. The dimensions of the tents are 9 x 7 ft with 4 feet 11 inched center height, making it spacious enough for you to move freely in and fit in a queen size airbed. Furthermore, it has built-in storage pockets where you store your camping gear. The most interesting part is the price of this tent which is as low as $63.99! Imagine such amazing feature for such a reasonable price.

  • Tear Resistant.

  • Waterproof.
  • Decent Ventilation System.

  • Not Easy to pack in Bag.

  • Mesh Vents Are Not Covered by Rain Fly.

Big Agnes Flying Diamond 6

One of the most weather resistant tents is Big Agnes Flying Diamond 6. It is a great tent when it comes to comfortability and its durable design shows that your experience with will be no less than amazing. With two different sized room, the tent can easily be used for storage as well as sleeping in. It is spacious enough to accommodate 6 people. Moreover, it is a free-standing tent which requires no hassle of stakes to anchor or bring the tent to its shape.

The Flying Diamon 6 comes with 6 poles that are colour-coded. According to the instructions, that before you leave for your trip it is better that you practice setting the tent up at home in order for you to get familiar with the pole system. Other than that, the design and durability of this tent is claimed to be exceptional which easily makes it another best tent for Burning Man as surviving in a desert requires for you to have a shelter that is sturdy and does not give up on you. The Flying Diamon 6 retails for $700 and is a great investment that will last you long enough.

  • Well Designed Carrying Bag.

  • Versatile Vestibule.
  • Two Rooms.

  • Short Inside.

  • Slightly Complicated Setup.

North Face Mountain 25

For people wanting to camp in sturdy areas, the North Face Mountain 25 can be a reliable investment as it is a popular choice for many campers. This tent performs exceptionally well and offers value for money as it is suitable for even the most severe weather conditions. It has been claimed as a top-notch expedition with a robust design and can survive through storms with its versatility and huge living space. Although it is a little heavier than the average weight but is still lighter than many other tents.

Mountain 25 pitches a combination of pole sleeves and less clips on the lower section of the poles. While the sleeve design is ultra-bomber, it does require a significant amount of care when being set up in high winds in order for it to not bend or break. The poles and the rain fly both use the same grommets underneath the tent’s body. Additionally, it offers a 32 square feet of floor space and allows camping in style, retailing at a price of $690!

  • Durable.

  • Storage Pockets.
  • Reflective Kevlar Guylines With Camming Adjusters.

  • Extra Care Require While Pitching.

  • Slightly Heavier Than Other Tents.

Bessport Camping Tent

The Bessport Camping Tent is more spacious than other tents and it comes with two vestibules if you want a more private sleeping arrangement. The dimensions of the floor are 86.6” x 48.4” which makes it ideal for 2 people. The tent is equipped with two D-shaped doors for separate entrance and exit. As tents are required to be weather resistant, the Bessport fits right under the camping requirement criteria and with its seam-taped construction it prevent any leakage due to rain.

As the tent is featured with an added floor, it elevates the bottom of the tent from the ground so as to make the surface smoother. It is a useful feature if you want to keep your belongings more protected. Campers guarantee for Bessport Camping tent to be durable due to its free-standing capability. Additionally, you will appreciate the 7001 series aluminum stakes and the reflective guyline which allows maximum protection against the wind. This all-in-on tent retails at an impressively low price of $79.99 and offers a variety of colours to choose from including Green, Orange, Blue and more.

  • Smooth Zipper.

  • Lightweight.
  • Spacious Interior.

  • Not suitable for backpacking.

  • Rainfly May Get Caught in Zippers.

Your Guide to The Best Burning Man Tent

Before you decide on buying a tent, like we said earlier, you need to keep your requirements in consideration like your trip duration, durability through weather changes, price, comfort rating and more. While there are numerous tents out there, each with their own unique offerings that may look appealing but turn you down by looking at the price, if you know the important features of a tent that can enhance your experience it will be easier for you to choose whether or not a certain tent is worth your money and also allow you to buy the best Burning Man tent.

The basic thing to choose when opting to buy a tent for Burning Man is you consider the number of people you want to accommodate in the tent as you might need additional space for either storage or extra friends, their size and the honestly their sleeping styles as well, since some sleepers toss and turn might bump into you. Let us move further and tell you about the important technical features.


One of the key features of a tent is its ventilation system, especially for Burning Man as its in a desert where it can get humid really fast. Check the quality of the Mesh panels which are used in ceiling, doors, and windows of the tents.  Not only does it enhance the view but also allows cross-ventilation to manage condensation.

Tent Material

A tent that is made of thick fabric is what you need, as the higher-denier fabric canopies and rainflies are comparatively more rugged than tents with lower-denier fabric. Additionally, the fabric and seam tape on tents reduce the chance of leakage which is important in case of rainstorms or even Playa dust as it is likely that your tent becomes a quick mess if it has low quality seam tape.


An integral part of the tent are the vestibules or garage spaces attached to it as they allow you to store your belongings like your camping gear, muddy shoes, or edible items. They can benefit the rainfly or other add-on items that you buy along with your tent. Considering a tent for Burning Man means buying something that allows you to keep your belongings safe, which is why having a garage space can come in handy.


If you want to keep your tent saved from any water or sun damage, rainflies can be extremely useful as they are designed to cover your tent and fit over the roof of your tent. While some tents offer it in the price of the tent, others may sell it separately. However, it is necessary that you carry a rainfly as it can protect you through severe weather conditions. Some campers even recommend using two rainflies for to retain extra warmth or get more protection.

Seam Seals

Steer clear of tents that have visible stitching, no matter how pricey they are or how much you have been recommended to buy a tent like that. A tent that shows off its stitching reflects how inferior the quality is and is no good in rainy or dusty days as the water can easily seep in to your tent. Even if you buy the best tent for Burning Man, we will always recommend that you buy an extra seam sealer to prevent and potential risk.


Whether it is a top-notch tent or an average disposable one, depending on your use and the event it is recommended that you buy a tent that fits in your budget. If you are attending Burning Man and looking for a tent, then you would know a minimalist tent would also do the job for a much lesser price. However, you can choose what suits your requirements best.

Sturdy Holdings

The support that hold your tent is the core feature that makes or breaks your tent quite literally. As a rule, campers recommend buying aluminum holdings because they are flexible as well as durable. Although there are glass fiber ones too, but they are not as durable as their aluminum counterparts and are more prone to breakage.


Tents of higher quality may include loops on the outside of the tent’s body which will allow you to attach guylines. If you want no fabric to be flapping during high winds, you need guylines as they will allow you to tie down the hatches and also prevent your tent from any potential damage that may be caused.

burning man tent


After considering a variety of available options, we have reviewed the Top 5 tents in our list. Of course, every tent is different in terms of quality, features and price range which is why you have the option to choose the one that fits your requirement criteria perfectly. As you already know, buying a tent for Burning Man is a necessity and considering that it is held in a desert, you need a tent that is durable and will keep you comfortable without becoming a hassle.

If we are to choose the best tent for Burning Man out of these 5, we would definitely recommend the Coleman Cabin Tent for the features it offers while being a dome-style tent, it allows enough capacity for 4 people to fit in perfectly and it is durable as well. For a price of $139.9, we think it is a great option. However, if you have a big pocket and can spend extra then you can opt for Big Agnes Flying Diamond 6, but if you are looking for something super affordable yet reliable then you can go for the Bessport Camping Tent that is good enough for 2 people.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are plenty of ways to keep your tent clean and organized. You can hang a shoe organizer on the outside where the loops are, and you can fill it with things you might needs for cooking. Also, you can use a ground cloth under the tent to keep it clean. Try to leave your shoes outside of the tent or bring rug to wipe off mud. Having a portable wash station can also be useful as it will allow you to have a place for wet dishes and basins.

While there are some factors that we can control in making our tent last, there is also a possibility that you may not control natural factors like storms or dust. A good quality tent should last you a minimum of 5 years if it is used continuously. However, if it is well taken care of and cleaned daily, it can last much longer than that depending on the factors that may be cause damage. You can opt for a tarp or a canopy to cover your tent to keep it safe from UV damage or rain as both could degrade the fabric of your tent.

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