Best Bike For Wheelies [Unbiased 2021 Review]

Bikes can be your mode of travel, your preferred leisure activity, or your form of exercise. They can even be the one activity where you become a bit of a daredevil – learning new tricks or perfecting the wheelie are fun ways to spend time. However, not all bikes are made for tricks. Some have learnt this the hard way but you do not have to. You can live your best life and do as many wheelies as you want by getting the best bike for wheelies.

A bike is a big investment and can range anywhere between a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. Thus, it is important to make your purchase decision carefully and spend your money wisely. To truly perfect wheelies, you need a bike that is specifically made for this purpose and we are here to help you find that. This list of the top 5 best bikes for wheelies has been compiled after combing through dozens of products, analyzing their various features and reading up on customer reviews.

In this article, you will find reviews of our top picks, a comprehensive list of pros and cons for each, the different types of bikes you can opt for, and even a buyer’s guide to help you pick out your perfect bike. Additionally, we have answered some frequently asked questions for you to look through if you have any queries. Read on to see our picks for the best bikes for wheelies!

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Types of Bikes

Bikes come in all shapes and sizes and are divided into several categories and sub-categories. Since they all have different uses, it is important to understand which type of bike is best suited for your needs. Because delving into this can be confusing, we have narrowed down the main types of bikes for you.

Road Bikes

As indicated by their name, road bikes are designed for the road and other paved surfaces. They usually have large, narrow tires, multiple gears, and dropped handlebars. The thin and large tires make it easy to ride down the road speedily and without much effort. Their dropped handlebars put the riders in a bent-forward position, allowing them to ride faster.

The different types of road bikes include gravel/adventure bikes, endurance bikes, performance bikes, and touring bikes. Road bikes are also more expensive than other bikes because they are designed to be aerodynamic, lightweight, and fast, and use high-quality materials to achieve this.

Mountain Bikes

These bikes are built for off-road use and rough terrains. Built to last, mountain bikes can handle rocks, steep trails, dirt trails etc. These bikes are heavier and sturdier than road bikes. One major difference between mountain bikes and road bikes is that the former has low gears and suspensions which provide better tread and absorb shock.

Mountain bikes can be sub-categorized into all-mountain bikes, trail bikes, cross-country bikes, and fat-tire bikes.

Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid bikes can include comfort hybrid bikes, sport hybrid bikes, and fitness hybrid bikes. They have aspects of both road bikes and mountain bikes, making them lightweight and comfortable. Unlike road bikes, seating is not in an upright position and the bike does not feature drop handlebars. The seating is more comfortable and laid-back, and the bike has extended handlebars for more comfort and control.

BMX/Trick Bikes

BMX (Bicycle Motocross) bikes are off-road bikes specially designed for jumps and tricks, and they work at a single speed. These bikes are tough and have durable frames since they are used for jumps and hard landings.  They are specifically designed to work on dirt roads.

One of the key characteristics of BMX bikes is their small size – they are much smaller than other types of bikes and have thick tires for better shock absorption and traction. They are also minimally designed with a simple frame and usually one gear.

These bikes are lightweight and strong. They are sub-categorized into racing BMX bikes, freestyle BMX bikes, vert BMX bikes, dirt jump BMX bikes, flatland BMX bikes etc.

Specialty Bikes

This category contains different types of bikes that do not fit into the other categories. They usually have specific purposes and serve a niche audience. These include cargo bikes, folding bikes, recumbent bikes, tandem bikes, cruiser bikes, and more.

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Top 5 Best Bikes for Wheelies Reviews

With the sheer number of options out there, it can be hard to narrow down your list. It seems that every bike is bragging newer and better features which can leave the buyer confused. Here, you can read the short and sweet reviews of our specially curated list of the best bikes for wheelies.

1. Schwinn Bonafide Mountain Bike

This budget-friendly mountain bike does not lack in quality. Its aluminum alloy frame ensures a lightweight structure that can be balanced and is perfect for wheelies.

Rough terrain is not a problem because of the powerful suspension fork that this mountain bike brags. Shock absorption is very high, and a smooth ride is assured despite uneven ground. This is especially important since the high impact upon landing after the wheelie will need to be absorbed.

In addition to the powerful suspension, this bike has mechanical disc brakes which are present both in the front and at the back to ensure total control.

Schwinn’s Bonafide Bike also boasts thick 2.25” tires and alloy rims, making the bike even more durable for use on rough terrain and uneven ground. This bike is not only durable but it also ensures smoothness with its easy trigger shifters that make changing gears a piece of cake.

  • High-quality but affordable.

  • Lightweight aluminum frame.
  • Powerful hardtail suspension forks.
  • Durable with thick tires and alloy rims.
  • 5-year limited warranty.

  • No support bars at the rear.

  • Does not come assembled.

2. Tommaso Gran Sasso 29” MTB Bike

In addition to being a very aesthetically pleasing matte black, this bike has a medium-sized aluminum frame. This makes it both lightweight and durable and thus suitable for wheelies.

It is well-suited for rough terrain with its rugged, wide, and grippy tires and powerful hydraulic disc brakes. These last through wet and muddy conditions and ensure excellent stopping power. It is also shock-absorbing and makes sure that rough terrain does not equal a rough ride. It also features both front and back suspension.

The Gran Sasso does not lack in comfort either – it provides both a comfortable seat as well as a wide handlebar – both of which are important when attempting a wheelie. Users can customize the bike and even have the option to accessorize as they please.

All the components used are high-quality and will not move or be loose, making this bike safe for wheelies. Even the brakes are weatherproof which ensures safety in bad weather. There are also support bars at the rear, making wheelies extra safe.

  • Lifetime frame warranty.

  • 2-year Shimano warranty.
  • Front and back suspension.
  • Lightweight durable frame.
  • Wide and rugged tires.
  • Weatherproof hydraulic disc brakes.

  • Relatively expensive.

  • Does not come assembled.

3. Diamondback Bicycles Hook

Diamondback’s Hook has a lightweight aluminum frame that is easy to balance for wheelies. Its lower frame makes operating the bike easier and provides more accuracy when riding. Because of the shape of the frame, leaning backwards is simpler which makes wheelies much easier.

Its powerful 120mm suspension fork ensures smooth rides since it is shock absorbing. This makes it perfect for the impact that comes with wheelies. Because of its aluminum frame, Diamondback’s Hook is especially durable and can handle all types of terrain. The bike is smooth even in rough terrain and features both front and back disc brakes for more control. This is especially important when doing wheelies.

Because the seat and comfortable silicone handlebar on this bike are adjustable, users can make sure that their riding position for wheelies is perfect.

  • Limited lifetime warranty on frame.

  • Lightweight frame.
  • Lower frame improves operation.
  • High-quality components which are durable.
  • Powerful fork and suspension.
  • Adjustable seat and handlebar.
  • Comes partly assembled.

  • Relatively expensive.

  • No support bar at the back.
  • Fewer gears make uphill riding difficult.

4. Mongoose Fireball 8-Speed

Since this a dirt jump bike, it is perfect for doing wheelies. Having an aluminum alloy build, it is lightweight and has great balance, making it suitable for wheelies.

The aluminum build also makes the bike very durable. The Fireball 8-Speed can handle rough terrain and hold its own. With a strong 100mm suspension fork, it can absorb a lot of shock and provide a smoother landing when you do a wheelie.

Front and back mechanical disc brakes also ensure control. This is especially important since the front tire will face a lot of impact upon hitting the ground after the wheelie. Because of its high shock absorption, this will make sure that the user lands smoothly. Additionally, it has rugged and wide tires which provide plenty of tread and can handle different types of ground.

It even has an adjustable handlebar. This allows the user to customize their riding position and center of gravity, further increasing the ease of doing wheelies.

  • Lightweight aluminum frame.

  • Excellent balance.
  • Extremely strong suspension.
  • High-quality components that are durable.
  • Designed for dirt jumping.
  • Adjustable handlebar.

  • Does not come assembled.

  • Fewer gears.
  • No support bar at the back.

5. Redline PL 26 BMX Cruiser Bike

This affordable BMX bike is designed for tricks. Thus, it is perfect for wheelies. Its chromo alloy frame is both lightweight and extremely durable. The lightweight nature of the bike and the excellent balance it provides makes it one of the best bikes for wheelies.

Its steel fork absorbs shock and is suitable for rough terrain. Although its tires are not as rough as some others on the list, this is a durable bike and is made from high-quality materials. It is long-lasting, provided the user replaces the seat which has been said to be uncomfortable.

The short chain is fast and ensures control as do the linear pull brakes. It is a bike that will work well for both beginners and advanced riders. Not to mention, it is a high-quality buy for an affordable price. Additionally, because it is a BMX bike, it combines speed and balance for the perfect wheelie.

  • Durable and lightweight frame.

  • Dual-pinch flight cranks.
  • Very affordable.
  • Excellent balance.
  • Short chain for control.

  • No support bar at the back.

  • Uncomfortable seat.
  • Does not come assembled.

How to Choose the Best Bike for Wheelies

Before investing money into a bike that may not be right for you, check out our guide on how to choose the best bike for wheelies! We break down the different features and clarify what you should keep an eye out for when shopping.

Frame Shape

Frame shape is an important aspect to look at when buying a bike with the intention of using it for wheelies. This is because longer frames will not be suitable for wheelies whereas shorter frames will be more lightweight and easier to control.

Frame Material and Weight

When it comes to material, the general rule is to choose aluminum over steel. Aluminum is lighter as well as more affordable. While it is lightweight, aluminum is still strong. Lightweight bikes are easier to control which is important when doing a wheelie.

On the other hand, steel frames are heavier and more difficult to maneuver. This makes them a less viable option for wheelies. Since the wheelie is dependent on balance, steel should be avoided. Carbon fiber is extremely lightweight but comes at a higher cost. Titanium is also a more costly option but is lightweight as well as resistant to rust and scratches.

Gears and Chains

If opting for a manual bike, shorter chains will be your friend. Buyers should either look out for shorter chains or get them shortened by a professional.

If one is opting for gears, the gears should be looked into properly. Since the back wheel needs to be supported, the back wheel gear is the one that should be considered when buying a bike for wheelies.

The choice between the gears and chains, however, lies with the individual, since both are suitable for wheelies.


Disc brakes are the most popular choice for wheelies, since they can hold their own in wet or muddy conditions and do not lose their grip like rims. Rims get damaged easily and will need to be replaced often while discs are more long-lasting. Hydraulic discs are also sometimes used which are more reliable, have great stopping power, and are more long-lasting.


Suspension is especially important since the bike needs to be able to absorb the shock upon impact with the ground when it comes down after a wheelie. If opting for a mountain bike, the shock absorption should be checked whereas a fork suspension should be looked into if opting for a BMX bike. When looking into these, it is important to remember that it is the front wheel that will hit the ground. Because the impact will come from the front wheel, the buyer needs to make sure that the front wheel has a suspension system.


Because control is so important when doing wheelies, riders should opt for pedals with straps or clips for more support.

Riding Position, Handlebars, and Seat

Riding position is dependent on the seat and handlebars of the bike. Because of this, all three have to be considered in order to succeed at a wheelie.

A comfortable riding position is essential and seats should be tried out to ensure the rider’s comfort. The height of the seat is especially important to properly do a wheelie. The rider must make sure that the seat is higher than the handlebar. If the riding position is upright, doing a wheelie will be harder. A higher seat will result in more balance, making the wheelie easier.

Because of this, an adjustable seat would be ideal since this can enable the rider to customize it to their comfort level as well as their center of gravity.


The different components of the bike should be of high-quality so that the bike does not malfunction. If the components are loose or otherwise damaged, it might result in a bad performance or even an accident. Since wheelies result in shock upon hitting the ground, any already loose components would be further loosened, making the situation dangerous. High-quality components will be more enduring, making sure that you are always wheelie-ready.


Tires should be wide and rugged since tread is extremely important. The user will be balancing on one wheel so support is important. A support bar is an added advantage.


Prices vary from a couple of hundred dollars to well over a thousand dollars. This depends on the materials and features you opt for which will vary depending on your needs. One thing to keep in mind is to invest in a bike with high-quality components. If your bike breaks down and you have to spend a lot of money on repairs, it defeats the purpose of opting for a more affordable option. That being said, high-quality bikes can be found at reasonable prices and a little research can go a long way.

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That rounds up our best bikes for wheelies reviews and buyer’s guide. Although all of these options will improve your wheelie game, we would suggest the . This is easily the best bike for wheelies because of its excellent construction and the high-quality materials used. It is decked out with Shimano components and features hydraulic disc brakes as well as a powerful suspension fork and support bars.

Although this is an excellent option, it is more on the expensive side and may not be the best pick for those on a budget. For those looking to spend a little less, the is also a great option. Although affordable, it does not compromise on quality. It is not only lightweight but it is also extremely durable and smooth even on rough terrain. It brags a powerful suspension fork and gives the user complete control, making it an excellent bike for wheelies.

Now that you are up to speed on what to look for and how to go about finding the best bike for wheelies, you can pick the bike that suits you and your unique needs. Happy biking!

Frequently Asked Questions:

There are quite a few options available when looking for the best bike for wheelies. BMX bikes and mountain bikes are great for wheelies but some people opt for racing bikes and endurance bikes as well.

BMX bikes are specifically designed for tricks and are usually what users opt for. However, since these are small, they are less suitable for other types of riding. That is why some users opt for bikes that can work in other areas too.

Mountain bikes are a popular choice for wheelies since they have great braking abilities and are shock absorbing. However, these are heavier than other options which should be taken into consideration. The tires are also bigger than those on BMX bikes.

Racing bikes are lightweight which makes them a good candidate for wheelies. They are slim and speedy which is also helpful. However, features such as brakes should be looked into since suspension and shock absorption are extremely important when doing a wheelie. Endurance bikes are lightweight and have a comfortable riding position. However, they should also be carefully examined since they may not be suitable for wheelies.

If you are using a high-quality bike that is suitable for wheelies, you should not fear any damage. If components are of low quality, they will get damaged and need repairs. This can be avoided by choosing a bike with your intended use in mind. Check out the buyer’s guide to make sure that you are making the right choice for your needs!

To make sure that your bike is always wheelie-ready, you should check that the chain and bearings are greased so that it performs smoothly. Tire pressure should be checked regularly, and bars and pedals should be kept tightened.

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