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Boom! Headshot!

May 20th, 2013 · Uncategorized

It's not the size of the pen, it's the vividness of the ink

Time for a new headshot to go with my new glasses. Photo by ShuliHallak.

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Visualizing 21st Century Education at Common Ground 2013

May 1st, 2013 · graphic recording, information design, Information Visualization, large scale visual notes, npTech, presentation design, public speaking, sketchnotearmy, storytelling, technology

I go to a lot of conferences. The Common Ground conference in Baltimore is hands down one of my favorites. The conference is for educators who want to think about how to provide a great learning experience for kids in the 21st century. I provided graphic recording a couple of years ago when the conference had a different name. It was great to be invited back in 2013 to support their event. Since then it has expanded it’s scope and mission. One of the things I really love about the team that puts the event together—they are open to letting me experiment. I took this opportunity to do do visual accompaniment to two presenters, using my iPad to draw sketchnotes in real time and project them, as a kind of organicly growing slide show. Then after the fact, I turned screen recordings of my sketchnotes and turned them into the video recaps below:

Classroom Management for the Middle Level Educator- Managing the Madness

This video uses notes I created on an iPad of Jack Berckemeyer‘s hilarious and thought provoking talk about classroom management in a middle school setting. Middle school kids offer unique challenges (and comic relief) for educators. I appreciate that Jack was a good sport and let me do my thing while he gave his talk. On the other hand, if your natural element is middle school, this was probably not that tough for him.This is my interpretation of Jack’s talk. Any mistakes or omissions are mine. For the real thing, go see him in person, or do a YouTube search for his name. Jack is full of insights, practical ideas, and humor about how to make middle school education better.

Building Collaborative School Culture With Data

While the title of Christopher O’Neal‘s talk sounds completely different from Jack’s in the end, they are informed by a common theme—getting people to work together better in order to provide better education for kids. Chris talked about how important it is for principles to model good uses of data and gave several examples of how that might work. He even polled the people in the room to gather data about what we thought was the most important quality we wanted to cultivate in our students. Again, this is video is comprised of my impressions of his talk–any omissions or errors are mine. If you are interested in using data in a humane, powerful way to help build a great culture in your school, you might want to check out Christopher’s book: Data-Driven Decision Making: A Handbook for School Leaders.

I also had the pleasure of leading a mini-session on using pencil on paper drawing techniques to develop education projects. Thanks to all the participants!

Thanks again to the Common Ground team for inviting me to be part of this very special conference.

Bonus: How I made these videos
Somebody from the conference asked me how I created the videos, so just in case anyone else is curious here is a brief explanation.

1) During the talks, I took notes on an iPad using the Penultimate app. I used Penultimate because it’s a very easy to use, basic, drawing app. Also the page transitions when I went from one digital sketchpad page to another did not appear in the projection, so this made it less distracting for folks who were in the room than some other sketching apps.

2) I recorded my iPad screen by having the screen appear on my Macbook Air laptop and using Quicktime to record what was happening onscreen (I could not find a way to do a screen recording of my iPad without sending the iPad screen over to my computer). To have the iPad screen appear on my laptop, I installed a free program on the laptop called Reflector. I connected the iPad and laptop via bluetooth. I see that the Reflector site is not loading for me as I write this, so I don’t know if they are still an operating company. If you can’t use reflector, google “How do I mirror iPad on my computer?” to see how to do this.

3) This left me with some very long video clips (each talk was over an hour). I imported them into iMovie, sped the clips up, cut a bunch out, and added text. Then added music.

4) I created the music in Garage Band on my laptop. Garage band gives you lots of little music snippets which you can assemble into a soundtrack.

5) Then I exported the resulting videos from iMovie and uploaded to Youtube and Google Docs for sharing.

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Visualizing Using Space Tech to Improve Life

April 18th, 2013 · edtech, envizualize, graphic facilitation, information design, Information Visualization, large scale visual notes, technology, visual sensemaking

The 2nd annual NASA Space Apps Challenge is coming up April 20-21, 2013! No matter where you live you can participate. And if you are in one of 75 cities around the world, you can join other developers, designers, and space enthusiasts in person to work on projects to improve life on Earth and in space. I will be dropping by the NYC site to help whiteboard teams’ ideas and create a visual story of the weekend.

Check out SpaceAppsChallenge.Org to learn more and get involved. I created this video to help spread the word. Feel free to share it so we can get maximum participation in this event. It is going to be stellar.

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March 4th, 2013 · business, edtech, envizualize, graphic facilitation, graphic recording, Information Visualization, large scale visual notes, npTech, presentation design, public speaking, storytelling, visual sensemaking

I was honored to lead a visual communication excercise at TEDxTheCollegeOfWooster, as well as to have the opportunity to visually synthesize the ideas swirling around the room during the excellent presentations. Congrats to event producer, College of Wooster student Christina Haupt, and all the other folks who pitched in to create a magical event. The overarching them connecting all the talks was “Integrity.” This event was a powerful example of different kinds of integrity, creating a powerful whole from its various parts.

Wooster, Ohio, is a fascinating town which is producing a crop of social entrepreneurs working locally and internationally. I enjoyed meeting the team behind Reach Trade Co. (Coffee sourced from farmers in Peru, with revenue channeled into improving access to clean water), the !st Amendment (food, drink, and discussion salon), and Local Roots Market & Cafe (connecting local farmers to local consumers).

The College of Wooster is equally intriguing. From Wikipedia:

Wooster is one of forty colleges named in Loren Pope’s influential book Colleges That Change Lives, in which he called it his “…original best-kept secret in higher education.”[3] It is consistently ranked among the nation’s top liberal arts colleges, according to U.S. News and World Report. In US News’ “Best Colleges 2011″, Wooster ranked fifth among national liberal arts colleges in the category of “Best Undergraduate Teaching,”

I had a wonderful time being part of this thought provoking and delightful event. Oh, one last thing. I highly recommend the Hotel St. Paul, where I stayed. It’s a boutique hotel with fabulous amenities and a euro design sensibility. Great place!

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Playing around with whiteboard animation

February 6th, 2013 · Uncategorized

Whiteboard Test #1 from Bill Moore on Vimeo.

Been messing around with whiteboard animation with a Pittsburgh based media maker Bill Moore. Here’s the result of our first jam. This is not a final product, just our first little experiment.

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Show-n-Tell 7 Recap

December 10th, 2012 · business, coworking, edtech, entrepreneurship, envizualize, graphic facilitation, graphic recording, Information Visualization, large scale visual notes, npTech, partnerships, presentation design, public speaking, storytelling

Show-n-Tell 7 rocked with Rebecca Harris of the Chatham Center for Women’s Entrepreneurship talked about making it as an entrepreneur, Anne Marie Toccket, Nick Fedorek, and Katherine Camp gave an update on the Pittsburgh Hostel Project, and Derek Minto shared his journey to becoming a comedian and explained how a loved one did something very wrong with a canned ham. Lara Schenk emceed and Jonny Goldstein captured the conversations on the whiteboard.

This event was a Jonny Goldstein production, in association with the CatapultPGH coworking community.

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RSVP for Show-n-Tell #7: Entrepreneurship, Comedy, Youth Hostels, and Robo-Fire-Art

December 6th, 2012 · Uncategorized

Show-n-Tell #7, December 7: Pyrotopia Founder, South Side Hostel Creators, Center for Women’s Entrepreneurship Director, and Ruckus Bringing Comedian at CatapultPGH


It’s time for another Show-n-Tell at CatapultPGH, with another Show-n-Tellicious lineup.

**RSVP here.**

Who is showing and Telling?

Eric Singer

Eric Singer is an an artist in the oldest and newest mediums you can imagine: fire, music, and robots. I met Eric in 2004 in New York City when he gave me advice as I worked to create a set of electronics embedded coveralls I used as an audio controller for comedy performance. Since then we have both relocated to the Steel City. Eric recently spearheaded the East Coast’s first festival dedicated entirely to fire art, Pyrotopia in Munhall, PA. Prior to that Eric founded LEMUR, the League of Electronic Muscal Urban Robots. “LEMUR creates exotic, sculptural musical instruments which integrate robotic technology. The result is computer-controlled mechanized acoustic musical instruments which can perform music by and with human musicians.” Eric’s creative resume is too long to enumerate here, just know that he is a creative rockstar (literally—he used to play sax in the celebrated ska band the Allstonians).

Rebecca Harris

Rebecca Harris is the director of the Chatham Center for Women’s Entrepreneurship. Harris is “…passionate about helping women start and grow successful businesses, Ms. Harris has expertise in developing strategic alliances and mentoring opportunities which will benefit women working in local and regional businesses.” She has had a long and varied career starting and running numerous businesses. I heard her giving a shout out to CatapultPGH on the WESA talkshow Essential Pittsburgh, and I figured if she is tuned in enough to know about us, she must be good people. And since we are comprised of a variety of entrepreneurial individuals and companies, we would love to hear about resources for Pittsburgh based entrepreneurs.

Anne Marie Toccket and Nick Fedorek are part of the team behind the Pittsburgh Hostel Project. “The Pittsburgh Hostel Project is a group of people who believe Pittsburgh can and should sustain a hostel and are dedicated to making this happen.”

anne marie

Anne Marie is the project Director and a Jane of all trades. She holds three bachelor’s degrees from Penn State University and a master’s degree in international development and nonprofit management from the University of Pittsburgh. Anne Marie works remotely for Awamaki, a nonprofit that she cofounded in Peru dedicated to sustainable development. She is co-owner of a cooperative bookstore/cafe in Pittsburgh, and chair of the board of Building New Hope, an international nonprofit based in Pittsburgh that imports fair-trade coffee. She was chosen as a delegate to the 2012 One Young World summit held in Pittsburgh. She has extensive experience in nonprofit fundraising and program development, and loves international travel–she has been to 40 countries and counting.

nick fedorek

Nick Gunther Fedorek has been part of the Pittsburgh Hostel Project for about 4 months. He has stayed at many, many hostels on backpacking trips throughout Europe, and thinks it’s about time Pittsburgh had a hostel of its own. He recently finished his master’s degree in Community Development and Planning and is involved with the planning, development, and community process components of the project. He is currently a freelancer specializing in qualitative research, market analysis, and business development.

derek minto

Derek Minto is a Pittsburgh based comedian, storyteller, and the host of the Haters for Hire comedy podcast. “Haters for Hire is a weekly audio podcast chock full of swearing, stand up comics, and game show style violence all hosted by Derek Minto. Each week features new guests, stories and discussions. A majority of the time the guests are comics from the city of Pittsburgh though many hail from all over country.” A recent tweet of Derek’s “If only there was Taco flavored vodka…oh wait that’s tequila.”

Besides our lineup of fabulous guests, we are mixing up some of the other roles. Lara Schenck will emcee, Elliot Williams will be capturing the conversations with large scale visual notes, and I (Jonny Goldstein) will open and close the event and be the official photographer.

When: Friday, December 7, 5PM-6:15PM
Where: CatapultPGH, 5139 Penn Ave 15224

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**RSVP here.**

Show-n-Tell is a Jonny Goldstein production in conjunction with the awesome crew at CatapultPGH.

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