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Nonprofits and Free Agents in a Networked World

March 13th, 2011 · Uncategorized

nonprofits and free agents in a a networked world: visual notes 1

nonprofits and free agents in a a networked world: visual notes 2

These are visual notes I created for the panel “Nonprofits and Free Agents in a Networked World. Beth Kanter of Zoetica Media the moderated fellow panelists Danielle Brigida of the National Wildlife Federation (NWF), Mark Horvath of Invisible People and Jessica Dheere, of Social Media Exchange Beirut in Lebanon.

Deborah Askenase took some good text notes of the proceedings.

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Visual Notes From “The Future of Nonprofits” Book reading

March 12th, 2011 · Uncategorized

The Future of Nonprofits

The Future of Nonprofits: Q and A

Had a blast creating these large scale visual notes at the The Future of Nonprofits : Thrive and Innovate in the Digital Age book reading at the South by Southwest Interactive Festival.

Practical and crucial insights from authors David J Neff and Randal Moss.

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High Five Me at SXSWi 2011

March 2nd, 2011 · business, graphic facilitation, graphic recording, information design, Information Visualization, large scale visual notes, npTech, partnerships, technology, visual sensemaking

SXSWi 2011: High Five: Jonny and You

If you are going to be at South By Southwest Interactive Festival in Austin be sure to get within high-five distance and slap me some skin.

I love SXSWi because so many people from so many networks converge on the mega event and it offers unparalleled opportunity to catch up with old friends and make new ones.

If you are there and want to have lunch/beer/coffee/ etc. call or text me at 646-209-7204.

I will be doing graphic recording for two events about opportunities and pitfalls for nonprofits in the networked age:

2) The Future of Nonprofits : Thrive and Innovate in the Digital Age (Book reading: more info about the book.)


David J. Neff
Randall Moss Social Media & Digital Mktg Mgr MWV

Saturday March 12

Austin Convention Center
Ballroom G
500 E Cesar Chavez St

But wait, there’s more!

Nonprofits and Free Agents in A Networked World

Sunday March 13

Austin Convention Center
Room 6AB
500 E Cesar Chavez St


Beth Kanter CEO of Zoetica Media
Danielle Brigida Digital Mktg Mgr National Wildlife Federation
Jessica Dheere Founder/Dir Social Media Exchange
Mark Horvath


In addition to these events, I am excited to reconnect with my friends from ITP, IFVP, VizThink, IndyHall, PhillyCHI, the Yahoo Videoblogger Group, and my now defunct but formerly awesome interactive web TV show Jonny’s Par-tay. And don’t forget Kroosh.

See you in Austin!

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Ignite Pittsburgh 1 Heats up the ‘Burgh

February 16th, 2011 · Uncategorized

(animation by Jonny Goldstein)

Photos by Casey West shared under a Creative Commons Share Alike/Attribution License

Ignite Pittsburgh
Our fabulous Ignite Pittsburgh audience

Ignite Pittsburgh
Me in my emcee garb

Ignite Pittsburgh
A talk about the depravity of nature

Ignite Pittsburgh
Tom McGraw on Pittsburgh food

Ignite Pittsburgh
Chelsey Delaney on Design and Humor

These were the speakers:

Happiness is a Warm Pun Chelsey Delaney
An Introduction to Posthuman Factors Haakon Faste
Jóvenes SIN Nombres, Jóvenes Con Sueño
Youths WITHOUT Names, Youths WITH Dreams Michal Friedman
The Ultimate Interface: New Interfaces For Tombstones. Jonny Goldstein
Tommy Wright The III: An Internet Rap-Mystery Greg Johnson
Why Yinz Have Pittsburghese N’at Scott Kiesling
Nature is depraved! Matty Lau
Morning, Noon & Night: Pittsburgh Food Done Right Tom McGraw & Sarah Sudar
Biosphere 2 + Future Symbiosis Patrick Millard
Kiva Pittsburgh Megan Riggs
Tangled in a Web of Things Hans Scharler

Ignite Pittsburgh was produced by Julia Pellicciaro., Robert Blackwell, and Jonny Goldstein. We could not have done it without our volunteers:

Casey West, photog & videographer
Chelsey Delaney, assistant sound woman
Shelly Parver, door person
Mary Beth Wilson, door person

And big thanks to everyone who came out and helped us heat Pittsburgh up on a cold night!

Next Ignite Pittsburgh will be May 12 back at Brillobox.

If you want to help out with the next event, or if you want to give a talk, go to IgnitePittsburgh.com and ping us.

Keep those synapses firing and see you in May!

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Videos, Photos, and Jonny Goldstein Graphic Recording on TEDxPhilly Homepage

January 19th, 2011 · edtech, envizualize, graphic facilitation, graphic recording, information design, Information Visualization, large scale visual notes, partnerships, sketchnotearmy, storytelling, technology, visual sensemaking

TEDxPhilly Homepage: Featuring Jonny Goldstein

Was honored to see my graphic recording featured on the TEDxPhilly homepage with the caption “Jonny Goldstein captures the essence of each speaker through sketching.” The event featured speakers talking about innovative projects springing from the fertile minds of residents of the USA’s 5th most populous metro region.

There are also links to videos of the talks as well as photos from the event.

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Bio and Abstract for MSET April 2011 Conference

January 12th, 2011 · edtech, envizualize, graphic facilitation, graphic recording, large scale visual notes, visual sensemaking

Jonny Goldstein

I am looking forward to participating in the Maryland Society for Educational Technology on April 12, 2011. The theme is “Breaking Boundries in a Digital World.”

I will be creating real time large scale visual notes during Science Leadership Academy Principal Chris Lehmann‘s keynote, and I will also lead 3 mini workshops on using pictures to explore projects that technology educators are involved in.

Below are my bio and abstracts of the sessions I will be part of.


Jonny Goldstein is passionate about helping groups and individuals build understanding through visual thinking.

Jonny is a keynote visualizer at conferences and meetings. He creates large scale visual notes of presentations and conversations in real time. He is a visiting instructor at University of the Arts Master of Industrial Design (MID) program in Philadelphia.  He also consults with companies and nonprofits including Johnson & Johnson, Comcast, Human1.0,  the Association of Pharmaceutical Meeting Planners, and the Sprout Fund.

In past incarnations he designed and managed an innovative technology education program for Vision Education and Media in New York City where his staff taught Bronx high school students how combine blogging and video production. Prior to that he taught music, art, and theater to grades 3-8 in the Abundant Waters after school program in Hells Kitchen, NYC.

During a stint in Washington DC, Jonny was on the front lines of sounding the alarm about the impending mortgage crisis as the producer of new media for the National Community Reinvestment Coalition.

He helped start a number of groups including DC Media Makers and VizThink Philly.

Jonny was a Fellow at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program where he received his master’s degree. He graduated Phi Beta Kappa with a degree in English from Colorado College. In between those degrees, Jonny studied art at the School of Visual Arts, Pratt Institute, and the Art Students League.

His lives in Pittsburgh and blogs regularly at http://envizualize.com/

Abstract: For General Session

Keynote Visualization of Chris Lehmann’s talk at the general session:

Jonny Goldstein will create large scale visual notes of Chris Lehmann’s keynote at the General Session as Chris talks. A digital image of the visual notes will be provided to the conference organizers afterward and will also be viewable on http://envizualize.com

Abstract: Introduction to Visual Sensemaking For Technology Educators

Looking for new ways to get a grip on challenging projects? This might be the session for you.

In this fast-paced session participants will use visual frameworks to explore a project of their choice. Jonny Goldstein will demonstrate visual frameworks to examine the who/what, when, where, how much/how many, how, and why of any project. Participants will then apply these frameworks to examine their projects, and share their explorations with a partner. The goal of this exercise is to help participants understand the various facets of their projects better through simple but powerful drawings, with the hope that this understanding will help them better contribute to their projects’ success.

No drawing experience required!

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Envizualize This, 2010 Wrapup Edition

December 20th, 2010 · Uncategorized


Welcome to the second edition of “Envizualize This,” the Envizualize newsletter. If you want this quarterly newsletter delivered to your inbox, sign up at the very bottom of this blog post.

Here is the 2010 Envizualize recap:

Envizualizing TEDxPhilly

(Photo by Kevin Monko /

“Philly’s creative class gathers for unconventional convention” That was the headline the Philadelphia Inquirer ran its article about TEDxPhilly where I had the honor of being keynote visualizer. I had a splendid time creating large scale visual notes of talks by an array of artists, social entrepreneurs, and scientists who spoke passionately about creating a better world in front of a live audience of 700 people.

(Photo by Kevin Monko /

It delights me when I see people photograph the large scale visual notes I create. Whether they share them with their social networks or just want the photos as record of the event for themselves, it is a sign that people are engaged with the ideas of the conference.

I applaud the people that made TEDxPhilly so special and was honored that Envizualize was able to participate in this amazing showcase of innovation in the 5th most populous metro region in the nation.


Envizualize goes to Pittsburgh–Where Innovation Happens

I know I wrote that I was moving to NYC, but plans changed, and now I am in Pittsburgh for the next couple of years while my wife does a two year post-doc at one of the fine universities here. One of the great things about Pittsburgh is that it keeps me within easy striking distance of the Northeast Corridor. But there is a lot going on in Pittsburgh itself, especially in the tech sector—not surprising given that Carnegie Mellon University boasts one of the top ranked computer science programs in the world.

I met some exciting tech startups at AlphaLab on Pittsburgh’s South Side at an event called “Innovation Happens” where I created large scale visual notes. The event brought together people from established large companies with a Pittsburgh presence like Bayer, Highmark and PNC together with emerging local tech startups. The goal was to start building relationships and understanding between people from both sectors. Innovation Happens is the brainchild of Lou Musante,owner of Echo Strategies, Sean Ammirati, COO of ReadWriteWeb.com, and Ari Lightman, Principal at Broadside Consulting and CMU professor of marketing.

In one of my favorite moments, a speaker from Highmark advised tech companies who have (metaphorically speaking) invented a better hammer to try imagining “being the nail.” It was a vivid turn of phrase, which I did my best to capture with the drawing on the left.


Collaboratively Innovating at the Collaborative Innovation Forum

The week before TEDxPhilly, I had an amazing experience creating large scale visual notes of the conversations and keynotes at the 2010 Collaborative Innovation Forum in Orlando.

Enovia, the collaborative lifecycle management company, brought together peers, partners, and customers from companies diverse as GE Energy and Under Armour to discuss how hyper-sociality impacts their organizations’ product and process innovation. Ed Moran, Director of Insights and Innovation from Deloitte expertly emceed. Thanks to the Human 1.0 team who brought me in to visually synthesize the ideas at the event.

As always, my favorite part is when I see participants soaking up the large scale visual notes during breaks between the action.


Give A Consultant a Fish And She Eats For A Day, Teach A Consultant to Fish And She Eats For Life

Hear that buzzing sound? There has been a lot of buzz recently about using design thinking to address business and societal challenges. The MID (Master of Industrial Design) program at University of the Arts in Philadelphia is a program where the consultants of tomorrow learn how to use design thinking to help clients right now. While in the program they partner with real world clients like the City of Philadelphia, the Campbell’s Company, and Liberty Resources to help them overcome complex challenges.

Visual thinking is an essential part of the design thinking toolbox. MID’s Chair, Jonas Milder, brought me in to build the students visual thinking techniques.

So far I have taught a couple of “Hands-on Visual Listening” intensive workshops at MID. In the photo above, a consultant in-training is visually documenting an interview between two other Master’s candidates. The kind of visual listening that she is doing helps clients literally see the ideas that are on their mind, then see patterns, then create new connections, and ultimately reach better solutions faster.

I believe that these students are going to change the world, and I am honored to have been recruited to feed their hunger for new skills to tackle the complex problems of tomorrow. By the time they are done with their studies, they will not only know how to fish, they will know how to collaboratively build a better fishing rod and improve the ecosystem so there are more fish to catch.

Envizualize Goes Back to High School

The visual notes above are from a talk that high school principal Chris Lehmann gave at TEDxPhilly about why high school stinks for so many kids. His basic premise is that high school stinks because most high school students spend their time being told what to do, instead of being asked what they can do to improve society. Chris asked: What is high school like when we ask high school students to teach us? What is high school like when we give students real world challenges and ask them to overcome them? He maintained that when we allow those questions to be asked, suddenly, high school doesn’t have to stink.

After seeing Chris Speak, I became curious about his school, so I visited Science Leadership Academy to lead an acitivity on visual notetaking. The picture shows one student’s notes on a short talk I gave about how to learn something new. If you want to learn something about how a successful human-centered, organization works check out the Science Leadership Academy in Center City Philadelphia. You will leave with a sense of excitement about the next generation.


What’s Next? Envizualizing in 2011

The coming year is already shaping up to be a busy one for me. Here are a couple of places I will be:

Austin: I will be creating large scale visual notes of SXSW Interactive Festival Panel “Nonprofits and Free Agents in A Networked World “ in Mid March. Be sure to say hello if you are at the festival.

Baltimore: I will be leading mini workshops on solving problems with pictures at the Maryland Society for Educational Technology Conference in April. Very excited about getting more visual thinking into DNA of our educational system.

If you would like to have me support your meeting, event, or workplace by creating vivid large scale visual notes, don’t hesitate to be in touch.

Or if you are interested in a workshop developing your team’s visual thinking abilities, please connect with me in person, on the phone, or at the email address below.

Have a wonderful December, full of warmth and good things.

Jonny Goldstein




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