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100 Days Envizualized: Day 7

May 13th, 2009 · 2 Comments · 100 days envizualized

100 Days Envizualized: Day 7 Comic

(I know it’s a little small. To see a larger version, click here)

And here is my actual day-planning map.

100 Days Envizualized: Day 7 Map

Notes on this diagram:
Let’s start in the upper left corner with “Biz Viz” and work clockwise.

Biz Viz
These are projects that (I hope) help with business development.
Dean Meyers. Dean is a great guy I met at Jeff Pulvers Soccomm 1 conference. He’s big into visual thinking as well. We want to spend some time doing visual facilitating for each other. My motives are double. 1: to get more practice doing remote visual facilitation, 2: for Dean and I to bounce business ideas off each other as we visually facilitate our conversation.

Prevent Human Trafficking: I am going to meet with Christina Arnold from this fantastic not-for-profit to help her come up with a visualization of the root causes of human trafficking. This may turn into further work (say, an animation). Very happy to work on Christina with this, both from an altruistic and business perspective. She’s good people and has great insight on the problem of human trafficking.

Refresh Philly Hands On Workshop. Roz is a web developer at Comcast. I’m going to help her brainstorm ideas for the upcoming hands-on workshop of Refresh Philly. I’m also going to lead a workshop at the event (this was a tough call because I had an opportunity to possibly present at IgniteNYC the same night). While this is a nice community thing to do, it’s also a great way to show folks in the Philly web dev community ways my skills can be useful.

Career Viz

This one is a part of the Biz Viz category, but deserves its own bubble. I want to explore doing remote visual facilitation for people who are looking to advance their careers-job seekers, job switchers, or people just trying to kick ass a little more in their current job.

I’ve got some R&D ideas—doing testing with folks I recruit from various networks, as well as doing some reading.

Home Front

Just stuff around the house. The most critical: I’ve got to start getting up w/my early-rising wife. Too often she gets up and then I snooze for way too long. Time to change my habits here.


Yesterday I took copious notes from a seminar which has the topic of taking better notes! Time to review them. Gotta lock in the knowledge so I make sure I get my money’s worth.


Need to post info about the upcoming VizThink Philly event. Stay tuned. It’s gonna be most excellent.


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  • 1 M // May 14, 2009 at 11:55 am

    Glad to see the little seedlings made their debut on your site.
    Did getting up earlier help the day get started earlier?

  • 2 admin // May 14, 2009 at 12:04 pm

    Well, I’m very tired now…but I have been getting things done.

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