Visual Notes

Visual notes are illustrated notes of the content of your conference or meeting.

Envizualize creates visual notes in real time as your event unfolds, creating hand-drawn works of art that crystallize the essence of your event in pictures and words.

John A Byrne at 140 Characters Conf
(Above: VizNotes of John A. Byrne, Editor of Business Week Magazine, discussing journalism in the age of the web at the 140 Characters Conference)

Here are a few ways you can use visual notes:

-Create an an illustrated eBook for attendees (download an example here)
-Deploy them as discussion pieces during, or after the event
-Utilize them as marketing material for your next event

If you would like Envizualize to create visual notes at your conference or meeting, contact Envizualize at 646-209-7204 or info@envizualize.com.

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Business challenges become easier to talk about and to solve when you can draw a picture of them. Envizualize offers visual thinking training which helps your team perceive, examine, plan, and execute in a better way. To find out more about how visual thinking training can benefit your team, contact Envizualize at 646-209-7204 or info@envizualize.com.

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Business Animations

Envizualize creates business cartoons that help people understand your product, service, or message. You can feature the cartoon on your website, share it through online social networks, and use it for in-person presentations. If you are interested in communicating your value proposition in an engaging business cartoon 646-209-7204 or info@envizualize.com.

(Example: Client: Paramarketing, LLC, Goal: Present a scenario where a firm uses Paramarketing’s tools to increase sales)

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