Detail of whiteboard from a 1-on-1 visualization session for an NYC based entrepreneur.

Are you ready to visualize awesome?

You can make an impact whether you work for a big company, run your own business, or are seeking a new professional opportunity. But one thing is clear, you want to do something awesome. Getting to that awesome place involves countless choices and actions. To guide your actions, it helps to have a roadmap. That’s where 1-on-1 visualization comes in. I listen carefully, ask powerful questions, and turn our conversations into visual maps. Those visual maps serve as tools for you to get where you want to go.

A vision of a new venture a client wants to “grow” over time.

Here is how it works: We meet, either in person or virtually, and we have a conversation about whatever you are trying to get clarity on. As we talk (and when I say talk, it’s 95% you and 5% percent me), I turn our conversation into visuals that you can see. In this way, we co-create a map of how you see the territory you are navigating with your business.

1-on-1 visualization literally lets you make sense of what is on your mind. Our entrepreneurial projects can be too big to hold in our heads. If you are like me, you can barely remember your grocery list, let alone the big picture and myriad details of your big projects. To clarify our bigger picture, see patterns, and make informed choices about where to go next, it helps to get visual.


Who is Jonny Goldstein? That’s me. I am an information designer, graphic recorder, and visual coach based in New York City.

I have visually captured conversations of folks from big outfits like Google, Harvard, and American Express, and from emerging businesses that you have not heard of yet (…but you will!). Chances are, you fall somewhere on this spectrum. The common denominator is that my clients want to make a big impact, and understand value of visualizing their thoughts to reach their goals. I earned a B.A. from Colorado College in English Lit and a Masters Degree from the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU. A lifelong learner, I have studied Entrepreneurship at the Berkeley Center of Entrepreneurship at Stern Business School at NYU, and studied visual art at Pratt, SVA, and the Art Students League. My constant interactions with innovators provides me an ongoing course in business, innovation, and life. I enjoy teaching as much as I enjoy learning, and teach intensive visual thinking workshops for the University of the Arts Masters of Industrial Design Program. I have a wonderful life partner and a 2 year old daughter.
Want to learn more? Email or call me for a free 15 minute consultation and we’ll take it from there. jonny(at)envizualize.com / 646-209-7204

Here are what recent clients said about how 1-on-1 visualization helped them

Having Jonny visually map my business plans and concerns, while asking pointed and important questions, added tremendous value beyond anything I could have achieved without his help.

Dorian Benkoil, Founder, Teeming Media

Jonny helped me unravel and then pour out the entire context of my project which started growing too large for me to merely manage by to-do lists. I felt as though I was starting every day from scratch with the same to-do list. And this helped put all the moving parts on one big picture frame and see how they interact and relate to each other so that I can understand them three dimensionally. The results were not only a much better grasp on the project and how I need to move forward, but unlocking new sources of information and ideas that weren’t able to emerge otherwise. It is so fun to work with him and I wish I could have daily brainstorming sessions with him.
—Shuli Hallak, Producer, Invisible Networks

Jonny, this was a great opportunity to pull together a whole bunch of competing ideas, goals and problems and put them into a visual form that gave me clarity on what the key dynamics are that I need to work on, how they relate to each other and where my first best step ought to be.

—Doug Alexander , Editor-in-Chief, MassageTherapyPractice.com

The session definitely helped me to create a focus for my career. By threading together my many divergent interests I can now use better discretion for actions involving my professional growth. I’m going to keep referring to my map anytime I’m feeling a bit off course. My many thanks again!
—Amanda, recent master’s program graduate

Awesome session. It was weirdly therapeutic. Even though what I thought I needed help with was logistics planning for my business, I feel much better about the direction I’m heading and laying to rest some dead ends I’ve been holding onto for too long.
—Nate Cooper, Founder, Simple Labs

I wanted to share something cool: I got a consulting project with someone I know through the ed/tech sphere. It’s basically what you helped me figure out I wanted to do. Just wanted to let you know how much I learned from that session!
—-Lara Schenck, Founder, NotLaura.com

Jonny’s session helped me bring together some of the unconnected thoughts in my head – some here, some there, some way over there. With his questions, visuals and the ongoing visual story unfolding in front of me, I could see what was possible, how things could work together and the enthusiasm was very quickly reignited in me. Thank you. Now I’m off to put this into practice.
—-Lynne Cazaly, Founder, Cazaly Resources, Ltd.